Consumers’ Workshops

Interactive and creative focus groups are conducted in a very pro-active and hands-on manner.

Qualitative Interviews

One-on-one interviews, couples or triads are held which may be filmed or recorded. Ethnographic, projective, descriptive and/or creative techniques are all regularly employed. Viewing facilities available in-home and in-store.

Concept Gallery

An approach that allows for a multitude of concepts to be screened, while selecting, fine-tuning and merging them in a very active and dynamic fashion.

Creative Scrapbooks

Designed as a support to give free form to a purely verbal and visual expression on a given subject, consumers produce this creative feedback by themselves. Only main sequences and questions are pre-defined. Consumers are invited to use words, photos, drawings and collages.

Semiotic Analysis

Interpreting semantic and stylistic signs from a particular perspective, providing sense and meaning to a given area (positioning, communications, social…).

Clients’ Workshops

Multi-purpose techniques help clients to generate their own concepts, support innovation through creativity, broadening their offer and/or positioning within new frameworks.

Experts Interviews

Carried out prior to or at the same time of qualitative research, they shed light on trends, sociological changes, macro phenomena and enrich clients’ innovation strategies.

B to B

This consists of interviews, ethnographic exploration or workshops conducted using specific techniques leading to an in-depth exploration of the universe of professionals and their needs and expectations.